A lot of awesome people have helped out, working and sailing on “Drummer”  over the last few years. Without all of their help none of these projects could ever have come into being…. but before we get into that lets meet the currant crew of the “Drummer”:

This is me, Margaret. This is my boat “Drummer”, we’ve been together since February 2007. I like sailing, bikes, paddling, fixing broken stuff, stories, finding stuff in the trash, snorkeling, swimming, fish, science and plants. I like books and I hate goo on the counter.


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On Drummer’s first trip down the river, after 20 years on the hard and the three years of work- amidst all the bittersweetness and relief of finally launching- Travis put his hand on my shoulder and, as gently as he could, said: “shes not a one-person boat you know…”

“ I know….”

Drummer never has been a one-person boat. She started out for me as a team effort, and while the shape and color of that ideal has changed over time, from the very beginning friends and family have helped out and pitched in. Long before Drummer was a project with a conceivable end or an imaginable successful outcome, friends and family came and stayed in the boatyard and worked long hours, helping with the most horrible, unpleasant projects. To this day I have no idea what I have done to deserve the help of the amazing folks who showed up during that time- back before we could reward ourselves for a job well done with an afternoon sail, a coconut, or a snorkel…

The flood of willing helpers has never stopped, every year friends come stay on Drummer. They help work on her, solve problems, bring new ideas and fix broken stuff. They make huge improvements and the tiny modifications that make Drummer safer, more comfortable and more efficient. We learn from each other, and now, we sail, fish and explore together. At this point it seems crazy to lump everyone together as “crew”, I do so only out of a loss for more appropriate language. I don’t think its possible to fully express my gratitude to all the folks who have taught me so much and meant so much to me. But thank-you all, all the same! It’s been so much fun!