2021 A huge new project gets underway.

In the Winter of 2020, just as Drummer made her first foray into the Pacific, we recieved an interesting offer from an old friend in the Dominican Republic. We were offered a 17 meter, 25-ton, gaff-rigged, steel schooner. The schooner was in the Dominican Republic where it had been tied to a mangrove for 10 years without any maintenance. 14 years ago when we were first salvaging Drummer in south Florida, an ambitious family had been outfitting this schooner in the same boatyard for a world voyage that never happened. The boat is large, with 8+ full size berths, and good potential for shop and common spaces. She still has her spars, sails, and engine; the hull is in alright condition above and below the waterline. However, the steel deck was full of holes and there was water damage in the interior. We decided to go back to the Caribbean.

After an epic voyage navigating closed national boarders, widespread local lock-downs and sailing against January trade-winds we dropped anchor in Luperon Dominican Republic, next to the next big project.

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