2009, Winter, (getting there)



I got this book off the free table at the yard. It was publtamarakished in 1977.



Some people would have used a scanner for this…. if you zoom way in you may be able to read it. its about the hull design, Doxy, Tamarack and Yankee Point.




  dollyPAINTINGSadly,on February 20th of this winter Dolly (Dolores) Dowhen passed away. After a long and adventurous life and 59 years (and 6 months!) of marriage to Travis Dowhen she will be sorely missed by all around her. Among their many accomplishments Travis and Dolly built the Drummer in 1973. We only met her a few times- but each time was a treat. She had an incredible memory, a mind for detail, and a gift for story telling. Our relationship to her and Travis has been a gift that lets us feel a part of Drummer’s history, brings us closer to the boat and helps fuel us towards what sometimes seems like an inconcievable future…. The last time we met she told me again that she just wanted to see the Drummer stop by thier dock one more time- I sincerely regret that we were not able to get the boat in the water before she passed. I will continue to think of questions I should have asked her for years to come.

codyOn april 15 I took Cody and Jackson into the field to play and they took off behind the palmettos right by the fence… I yelled and cussed at them but they ignored me…. Ten minits later Jackson came out of the woods all freaked out… and Cody never did…. I don’t know anything else…. Except that The Woods will take from us what they want, as will The Sea, The River and The Swamp. We don’t live on this world we live in it, and there are things here that were here long before us. The reality is that theres a 10ft alligator in that retention pond that I didn’t know about- I never taught Cody to be afraid of the water because she was supposed to be a boat dog -I never wanted to live in the swamp this long. I know boat dogs dont make any sense- but she sure made living in the boatyard a whole lot better while she was here and were really going to miss her.

More than anything else I need to thank all the awome people in the boatyard who hiked around in the woods with me for days, and put up with my hyserical bawling. THANK-YOU VERY MUCH!. I couldn’t have been in a better, more patient, helpfull group of friends


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