When Drummer first entered my life in 2007 I did not own a camera, telephone or computer. Nonetheless, friends encouraged me to start a “Blog” using their camera and computer to help share the photos of the project we were undertaking with our family and friends. The thing has continued inexpertly, and without regularity, ever since. At some point I tried to sort this encyclopedic memoir into a set of chronological links to seasons and years so that folks that met us or sailed with us over the years can skip right to the good parts. Each page also has “Previous” and “Next” buttons at the bottom for chronological scrolling.

In many cases the photos were taken by friends or crew and shared with me freely but I cannot always tell anymore who took which photo, so credit to photographers isn’t always given. I’d like to state here, some of my friends take great photos and I REALLY APPRECIATE their willingness to share! THANK YOU! :) The photos are all posted here so that they can be downloaded and saved and I encourage friends and former crew who may not have copies of the photos to download them for memories. NO ONE ELSE HAS MY PERMISSION TO COPY OR RE-POST THESE PHOTOS OR TO REUSE THEM FOR PROFIT IN ANY WAY. Thanks. ;) M.

Any photos that appear to depict activity that is sketchy, illegal or dangerous are obviously staged and purely fictional.

in Chronological order by season:

* While I have actually spent every summer since 2004 in Alaska, I initially started posting summertime pictures of Alaska projects and adventures on this blog only if they related to the Drummer story, but more have crept in over time, mostly because its hard not to share good times!