Winter 2012, DIY Sailboat Meetup

Abel’s Boatyard in San Felipe (Finally HOME!) with help from friends and strangers!

2012 DIY sailboat meetup:


These are just a few of the literally thousands of photos from the 2012 Sailboat Meetup in Rio Dulce Guatemala. to see more, or to get an idea of what went on visit our click here to visit our “2012 DIY Sailboat Meetup” photos page, or click here to visit the original event page.

The Schooner Drummer, her captain and current crew have no association with, or knowledge about the “2014 Boatpunk Meetup” in Rio Dulce, or the “2016 SaltAssault Fest”.

The Park in San Felipe

Before we left Rio Dulce we made one last stop back to San Felipe to  fix up the seat situation on the teeter-totters in the park. Apparently the flaw with this style of teeter-totters is that once someone steals the bike seat off of it the kids only have steel studs to sit on. Luckily we still had lockers full of bike seats on board from the ‘”Overseas  Bikes” trip- so it was an easy fix.

These photos always cause me to catch my breath. The following year Elise was killelyse_stern_rect (2)ed on her bicycle in a traffic accident in Minnesota. She was a cyclist, an artist and a community organizer. She was and is hugely missed by her friends and crew. I had barely met her and just sort of assumed I would meet her again. I regret that I likely won’t.

Though there are no pictures of it, when we returned to San Felipe in late 2013 we re-replaced the bike seats that had gone missing in the interim. If anyone is headed to Rio Dulce, or the boatyard in San Felipe, I’d like to suggest replacing the seats on the teeter totters in the park as a way to give back to the community. Bike seats are practically free at bicycle co-ops in America, and only a few dollars at big stores in Guatemala. I’d recommend using the “permanent” locktite, on the nuts though. there is another park in Livingston with the same problem.


Leaving Rio Dulce With Friends.

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In Mexico, Waiting with the Crew of “S/V Judy Ann” & plenty of visitors!


Visit from Family

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