2011, summer in Alaska and fall in America

Summer, Working and Paddling on the Yukon Delta

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Visiting friends in the boatyard in North Carolina after Hurricane Irene

In september, right after hurricane Irene, we flew to North Carolina to meet up with Stephan on ‘Judy Ann’ (while Meghan was in Minnesota) and see Paul and Twyla and the newly refitted Samphire, who all made it through the storm fine. From there we sailed on Judy Ann to Florida where ‘En Cavale’ was waiting in the yard for some love.

Delivering “Judy Ann” to Florida with Stephen, Great Sailing

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This was a fantastic sailing trip on-board the beautiful “classic 31′” cutter “Judy Ann”. 4 months later the vessel “Judy Ann” was randomly seized by the Mexican government, locked up for years in an expensive v0nnegutesque cycle of paperwork and lawyers -and never returned. click here to read more about it (updated 2015)

Working on “En Cavale” in the boatyard in Florida with plenty of help from friends

Unplanned motor bike trip to Arizona!

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